Minacciolo Showroom

Company: History


Over forty years of experience and passion working on Made in Italy furniture


Maurizio Minacciolo, grew up in his father’s furniture business and has always been passionate about the industry.  In the early 70s he decided to chase his dream of setting up a small company. His idea was to industrialise the manufacturing of country furniture in the ampezzo-tirol style which was highly fashionable at that time. In 1973 the first factory was built and Minacciolo, thanks to the increasingly positive response from the market, experienced rapid growth. And as a result in 1985 the new headquarters in San Biagio di Callalta were opened: a factory of 3,000m2, which has since been extended up to 12,000m2. As a result of the refined woodwork and the innovative furniture collections that were being sold, the Company was making headway and began to develop its commercial and distribution structure.


1991 was a major turning point. Minacciolo continued innovating and constantly working to make themselves the best they could be. From this the Tolà collection was born. This was a collection of original country style furniture where elegant colours such as “green sage” and “powder blue” elegantly emerged to reflect provincial, English and Umbrian-Tuscan styles. All of this grew organically from the cutting edge technology they used as well as their Italian know-how which are all part of their heritage. In the 90s, the Company was already well established and recognised on a national level.  It then became known on international markets for its high quality and innovative features.



In 2001, during this commercial boom period, another important manufacturing milestone was achieved. Minacciolo created the new English Mood collection that was immediately successful. Characterised by delicate and refined lines, this collection gave an added chic dimension to the country style which resulted in a renewed personality and a new development in furniture. From its original design which appealed only to country homes Minacciolo’s new country chic design opened up a whole new dimension.


Over the following years, the English Mood collection was constantly being developed and expanded, continually being adapted so as to meet the new demands on the market. Today, this collection offers a complete “house programme”, offering unprecedented elegance and stylistic continuity in any home: from the kitchen to the dining room, from the bedroom to the bathroom. As well as this already appealing and recognised collection, Minacciolo created two new collections in 2012 on the occasion of Eurocucina, with an original and personal contemporary design. Minà and Natural Skin, also use materials that are all natural and these remain the traditional ones.


At the various point of sales throughout Italy, the Company started to work alongside single brand stores. These are specifically designed and set up so that the client can touch the various products and fully enjoy the atmosphere and furniture in a harmonious and relaxed setting.