Every day it is becoming more and more challenging to keep a track of the furnishing sector, especially when it comes to distinguishing the “best” from the “rest”. On one-hand manufacturers, agencies, specialized media and retailers are looking to advertise their products and services, while on the other hand architects and interior designers require 3D models to include them in their projects and offer better services. In the middle, there are the end customers who are looking for the best design solutions for their properties or businesses. 


Gilusi puts You in direct contact with manufacturers of world’s best "Made in Italy" and "Italian Style" furniture. The website represents a permanent, on-line source of information for the whole furniture industry, where manufacturers and professionals can provide a wide range of furniture solutions, products, news and projects to visitors. It is also a place where professionals from different countries can showcase themselves, their products and services and stay updated about the latest news and trends in different parts of the world.

Our mission

Our key goal is to bring together the best Italian furniture makers with architects, interior designers, traders and all lovers of "Made in Italy" and "Italian Style" furniture. We believe that gathering the best producers of "Made in Italy" and "Italian Style" with sector’s key professionals, distributors and specialized media from all around the world, on a single platform like this website, is essential for a permanent, strong and efficient communication for all lovers of "Made in Italy" and "Italian Style" furniture. 

Our services

Architects, interior designers, contractors, furniture traders and visitors can find on "Gilusi" a complete online exhibition of Italian furniture for Indoor, Outdoor, Contract, Office, B2B and also discounted Items. Our website is made for intuitive navigation where you can easily find all information you may need. We are a multilingual team who can serve you in as many as five languages and offer extended services to our customers.

Our clients

Our clients are mainly Italian furniture manufacturers, architects, interior designers, furniture traders, specialized media and other key players in the furniture sector. In brief, our motto is to keep you updated about Italian furniture solutions, new products, news as well as projects and trends from the world of architecture and design. 

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