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  • About us

    Ares Line is a leading company in the office and community area seating


    Having a comfortable seat is the best way to do the important things.

    Continuous research, ergonomic shapes, cutting-edge design and original technological solutions to create spaces of well-being. Our goal is to give you always seating for offices and communities that are able to stand out and improve the use of space, generating new vital dimensions.


    Quality, tradition and research


    The artisan passion and strength of an industrial structure. The care to every detail is the result of the continuous attention to the customer and his needs. We focus on welfare for a better working environment. Our products are designed and built to provide maximum comfort thanks to the newest technological solutions.




    We respect the environment through a sustainable and efficient development, with focus on energy saving and the use of environmentally friendly materials. The respect for the environment is a constant effort to improve our business.




    We have a capilar and consolidated presence in the global markets. Implementing projects with care, competence and professionalism; our sales network is active globally and enables a fast, prompt and efficient service.

  • History

    Continuous research, ergonomic shapes, cutting edge design and original technological solutions come together to create spaces of well-being. 


    Our goal is to always give you seating for the office and community that is able to stand out and improve the use of space, creating new, vital dimensions. 

    This is the concept of excellence that we believe in, and our history shows it.



  • Projects

    Designer: Pei Cobb Freed & Partners  

    Space Planning: TiemmeStudio  

    Architect: Tatiana Milone  

    Products: Zero7, Hip-Up, Jolly, Woody Elite 

    Total seats: 10098


    The offices and conference rooms of the new headquarters of Regione Lombardia were fitted with 10,098 seats. The building occupies an area of 120,000 square metres and accommodates a total of 3,000 people in a furnished area of 88,000 square metres. Space planning, Layout and interior design were overseen by the architect Tatiana Milone. The seating selection: Zero7 task chair, Hip Up and Jolly in eco-leather for the meeting rooms, Woody with a laminate body and anti-panic writing tablet for the training rooms. 






























  • Contacts

    Via Brenta 7

    36010 Carrè (VI) Italy

    T + 39 0445 314931

    F + 39 0445 314931