Anar Dadashzadeh
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    About Dadashzadeh Anar


    Born in a family of sculptor in Azerbaijan in 1989 was raised together with his talented painter brother in a capital and art center of the country. 


    Graduated from architecture faculty of Azerbaijan state architectural and construction university in 2012.


    Started his journey at 2013 at one of the biggest architecture companies in the country ARXIN-M LLC. Beside this, he opened his own company D&A Design that provides bespoke design solutions for private individuals and businesses.


    Despite his favorite styles are loft and modernism he is mainly creating classical and mixed style designed interiors based on demand. His favorite work alongside of his projects is the countryside house designed in a loft style within a beautiful nature.

  • Projects



    Anar created this three bedroom house at the one of the northern regions on a high mountains with the raw materials in order marry it with the nature in his favorite style Loft and achieved clients desire to make it cozy.






    It is a fantasy project. This meant to be an office building and the main idea was to showcase dynamic and static lines in a harmony.


  • Contacts


    AZ 1000 Baku, Azerbaijan

    P + 99 4502 994009