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    1948-2017 Over 60 years of experience


    Chateau d'Ax has a long history starting in the heart of Europe; it began with the family and its predisposition to transform the qualities of man into resources for the cause and the mission. This is the genesis of the most reliable Made in Italy: the family unit, dedication to work, executive rigor, polite collaborations, craftsmanship, sensitivity to quality, humility in service, products that astonish, attract approval, walk the streets of the world and decorate the homes of mankind.


    Chateau d'Ax has been developing in concentric circles for more than 60 years, stage after stage, with products and services, progressively qualifying the distribution and building the brand's identity.


    Chateau d'Ax is the brand for modern living, with variations to meet the latest trends in personal taste, from designer to romantic to new luxury, and after decades of experience and research offers an exceedingly large range of products, all of the highest quality, but always within reach for Made in Italy enthusiasts.

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    Chateau d'Ax

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    Via Nazionale Dei Giovi, 159

    20823 Lentate Sul Seveso (MB) Italy

    P +39 0362 5301

    F +39 0362 565134